Sound Quality Warranty

Most professional musicians know that stringed instruments are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.  In places of high heat, the wood expands and the strings are soften.  You might notice the pegs can become loose and the strings tension drop.  In high humidity, the wood becomes heavier because of extra moisture absorbed into the wood.[…]


Checkup and Repairs

We offer repair and maintenance services to violin, viola, cello, bass as well as their bows. Many professional musicians, teachers and students entrusted their instruments to us for repair and maintenance. Our solid customer base comes from our fine skills and knowledge on the string instruments as well as generous pricing and sincere services. We offer free estimate on all[…]



We have violin, viola, cello and bass available in different sizes for rental. The superior quality of our instruments and workmanships guarantee are some of the many reasons teachers around the bay area recommend our shop to their students. High quality instrument with reasonable rate Workmanship guarantee on instrument and bow Generous buy off program[…]


Workshop instruments

All our instruments were hand-crafted in our workshop and fine adjusted by our store owner, Ken Su, to ensure every instruments are above standard. The price range of the instruments go from $355 to $1800. Violin Model VN015 Our VN015 is the perfect instrument for violin beginner. Instruments are essential to students learning progress. Having[…]