Sound Quality Warranty

Most professional musicians know that stringed instruments are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.  In places of high heat, the wood expands and the strings are soften.  You might notice the pegs can become loose and the strings tension drop.  In high humidity, the wood becomes heavier because of extra moisture absorbed into the wood.  Your instrument becomes less inclined to sing, so its tone suffers.  This explains why a good sounding instrument can lose its tone after adjustments were made.

Like it or not, your instrument’s voice will go through constant change over time.  How can you be sure that your instrument can continue to sound with its optimal tone in your high stake performance?  Glamourous musician might be able to bring an experienced luthier to come to his/her performance.  Many just choose to ignore this questions.  Ken believes that quality sound of an instrument should not be reserved only to the privileged few.  At a small price, Ken offers a service which guarantees the optimum sound of his instruments even when the instruments are played in different places.    For details, please consult with Ken to find out the right service for your needs.

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